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Rice production in India is an important part of the national economy. India is the world's 2nd largest producer with approximately 43 Mio Ha planted area, accounting for 22% of the world’s rice production.

Rice is a basic food crop and being a tropical plant, it flourishes in hot and humid climate. It is grown in assured irrigated areas and in rain fed areas that receive assured annual rainfall. Hence, it can be grown in both Kharif & Rabi seasons.

Problems faced by farmers

Improving productivity and quality are the key challenges facing farmers today, in an effort to increase their income from limited land under cultivation. Selection of the right type of seed, growth of weeds, onset of insect pests & diseases in the crop, inefficient water management and unpredictable weather conditions are the main factors which affect yield of the rice crop. It is very important to use good quality seed and protect the crop from weeds, insect pests and diseases.

Along with other experts, we believe that we could add significantly to the global rice harvest by simply reducing the impact of insect pests, diseases and weeds. There are more than 100 known insect pests, fungal diseases and weeds that can cause significant damage to rice plants. In some cases, the entire harvest can be lost. The harvest that does survive also needs protection in storage – which is why adequate storage is becoming more and more important.

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Solutions we offer

Rice Solution We Offfer
Quality control of Rice

In India, rice can be grown and harvested up to three times a year – provided it is properly planted and protected.  Bayer offers innovative products that provide effective solutions from seed to harvest for the rice growers.

Bayer is a world leader in the development of hybrid rice seed varieties. Our Arize™ hybrids regularly out-yield in-bred varieties by 30 per cent. We continue to broaden our hybrid rice portfolio to better address the challenges in agriculture and the growing demands of rice consumers globally. We are also developing hybrid rice varieties that are better able to withstand diseases, sucking insect pests, prolonged submergence or high salt-water conditions. We are a market leader in the Indian hybrid rice seed segment with our Arize™ product family.

Right from nursery bed to harvest, our tested solutions provide protection to the rice plant and optimize its inherent yield potential. In their fight against weeds, rice farmers use Topstar®, another novel product from our laboratories and several well-established herbicides like Sunrice®, Ricestar® and Adora®. New herbicide solutions are currently in development. 

Regent® followed by Fame® for managing stem borer & leaf roller are our most important insecticides for rice. Early management of plant hoppers can be obtained with Glamore®. We focus on alternative mechanisms of action. Nativo®  is one example. This fungicide takes care of plant health by managing two major rice diseases – rice blast and sheath blight. For broad spectrum disease control, our integrated offers include brands like Antracol®, Folicur®  and Monceren®. K-Obiol® is used to protect the stored grain/ seed from pests like weevils, beetles, moth, etc that infest rice during storage.

We are developing innovative seed treatment solutions to help the farmer to produce healthy rice seedlings giving the plant a better start for higher crop efficiency.

We can offer farmers great value with a combination of our seeds, crop protection, services and application technologies. With our Bayer Labhsutra program , we offer customized solutions and on-farm advice to maximize yields and quality of produce, for additional income generation. We are working on innovative ways to solve farmers’ growing labour availability problems at transplanting time with our Bayer GrowPro program.

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