Key fruits: Grapes (Angoor), Apples (Saib), Pomegranates (Anar), Mango (Aam), Citrus (Mosambi, Keeno, Malta, Lemon)

India's diverse climate ensures availability of all varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables. It ranks second in fruits and vegetables production in the world, after China. As per the National Horticulture Database published by the National Horticulture Board, during 2012-13 India produced 81.285 million metric tonnes of fruits while the area under cultivation of fruits stood at 6.98 million hectares. The growth in population globally and increase of disposable incomes have resulted in increased fruit consumption in general and per capita.

We work hard to help fruit growers because a reliable supply of their nutritious produce improves people’s health. Time and again, researchers have proven that fruit are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients which help prevent malnutrition and health problems. Our definition of fruit includes all fruit crops like grapes, apples, pomegranates, bananas and plantations (tea/ coffee).

Problems faced by farmers

The cultivation process for each fruit crop is highly diversified. Major challenges faced by farmers include finding the right rootstock (especially for citrus and apple), fluctuating climatic conditions and post-harvest lost.

Every fruit grower has a story to tell – we learn what they need by listening closely to that story. India is the largest producer of bananas but ranks lowest in the world in terms of export of bananas. With regards to apples, India can cater to only around 30 % of the total demand consumption within the country. This is due to poor infrastructure for post-harvest storage, poor rootstock/ absence of high yield root stock and other issues like disease management (scab, leaf fall). The major challenge for production of grapes is hail storms which can cause major losses as well as residue management challenge for exports.  India is the biggest producer of the tea crop. However, right crop management practices to manage the residue (within the export guidelines) for the export demand remain a major challenge.

There are many trouble-makers which can damage fruit crops and seriously affect the yield and quality of produce. Besides other pest problems such as spider mites, fruit flies, aphids or certain species of caterpillars, it is important for all growers to control thriving weeds that compete strongly for nutrients, water and light. Some of the challenges for fruit crops include diseases like Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Scab, Anthracnose, Bacterial Leaf Spot and Insects like Thrips, Mealy bugs, Jassids, mites, scales, Aphids, etc

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(From left to right) Symptoms of apple scab, symptoms of grapes downy mildew

Solutions we offer

Bayer offers solutions for all the major fruit crops in the country. Our wide range of products gives growers plenty of choice – important, since every orchard has its unique micro-climate and potentially different disease dynamics. For one of our major fruit crops - grapes, the major problem is downy mildew where Bayer offers many solutions like Aliette®, Antracol®, Melody® Duo and Sectin® as well as upcoming solutions like Profiler®.

We rank among the world's leading suppliers of crop protection products for fruits. Our reputation rests on fungicides such as Aliette®, Antracol®, Melody® Duo and Sectin®; insecticides like Confidor®, Alanto®, Oberon®, Jump®, upcoming solutions like Sivanto and Movento and Plant Growth Regulators like Ethrel® and Planofix®. Along with insecticide and fungicide control, Bayer is also working on the introduction of biologic products. In the herbicides groups, we are working on a new solution - Alion Plus to manage weeds in the orchards. Bayer is also working on a new fungicide called Luna which offers a dual advantage of managing field diseases as well as storage diseases to increase shelf life.

Bayer is now committed to an integrated crop solution platform instead of production solutions through the brand name ‘Bayer Labhsutra’.

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