We are committed to food security with a focus on innovative crop solutions as well as seeds and traits to secure harvests and to increase productivity.

Teaser Cotton


The best cotton products need the best cotton seed - which is what we've developed. » more

teaser - mustard


Mustard is the second most important and prominent winter oilseed crop of India. » more

Teaser Soybeans


Worlwide, India has the 4th largest acreage of soybeans, but half the world's average production » more

Teaser Wheat


Wheat is one of mankind's main staple foods. We are doing everything we can to protect it. » more

Teaser Fruits


High yields and high quality - that's why farmers trust our products. » more

Teaser Pulses


India is the world's largest producer, accounting for about 25% of the global share. » more

Teaser Sugarcane

Sugar cane

Most people love the taste of sugar. And now it's gaining popularity as a raw material for biofuel. » more

Teaser Millet


India is one of the largest producers of Pearl Millet in the world. » more

Teaser Rice


India is the 2nd largest rice producer accounting for 22% of the world’s production. » more

Teaser Veg


India is the 2nd largest producer of vegetables and accounts for ~15% of the world’s production. » more

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