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Children in India have one of the highest rates of school drop-outs. Reports indicate that one out of every two children does not go to school with poverty being a significant barrier to pursuing higher education. The states with a higher prevalence of school drop-outs are Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Incidentally these states belong to the rice producing belt in India.
A For Arize

In line with Bayer’s mission: Science For A Better Life, Bayer has launched a new initiative “A for Arize®”, to brighten education prospects for farmers’ children by offering attractive scholarships. Arize® is Bayer’s leading rice hybrid seed brand and is a popular choice with Indian rice farmers. As the “Better Rice, Better Life” brand tagline for Arize® suggests, in addition to generating prosperity for rice farmers, Bayer wants to encourage and support farmers to provide better education opportunities to their children.

Inclusive and equitable quality education is an important requisite to ensure a better life for our future generations. That’s why even the United Nations has identified “Quality Education” as one of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

You can read more on the terms and conditions for “A for Arize®” below.

A for Arize® (A se Arize®) Scholarship Programme (“Programme”)

I.             Scholarship Programme Details:

  1. Bayer CropScience Limited (“Bayer” / “Company”) is offering A for Arize® (A se Arize®) Scholarship Programme’ (“Programme”).
  2. The Programme is meant to help and support the education of farmer’s Children attending school and professional courses.  The details of scholarship are as follows:



Scholarship amount Per Child

Total No. of scholarships


Professional Courses



four equal installments of 30,000 over four years

11th and 12th standard



two equal installments of 25,000 over two years

9th and 10th standard



two equal installments of 10,000 over two years


  1. Programme Period : 1st June, 2017 to 31st July 2017
  2. Programme Evaluation Period : 1st August, 2017 to 30th September, 2017


II.           Eligibility for the Programme:

ii.      Programme is valid on any Arize® pack purchased by a farmer between 1st April, 2017 to 31st July, 2017 [“Participant(s)”].  

iii.     Participant shall be the resident of India.


III.          Modalities of the Programme:

i.       Farmer can participate in this Programme by sending label number mentioned on the back side of any Arize® pack to the number 7353 63 6444. The Participant will receive a SMS on his/her mobile number and will be requested to send the name, class and percentage marks of any one Child. 


ii.      All Participants sending SMS mentioning label number during the Programme Period, as mentioned hereinabove will be enrolled for the Programme.


iii.     Enrolling in accordance with the aforementioned instructions does not confer upon the Participant any right to receive the scholarship amount under the Programme.


iv.     From the enrolled entries of the Participants for the Programme, randomly total 20 entries will be shortlisted provided such Participants have provided all the details properly at the time of enrollment (“Shortlisted Participant(s)”).


v.      All the Shortlisted Participants will receive a form from Bayer’s representative requiring particulars to be filled up in order to claim the scholarship under the Programme. Incorrect or incomplete details shall not be entertained. Additionally, the Shortlisted Participants will be required to submit a photocopy of the following documents:


  1. Identity and Address Proof of the Participant:
  2. (i)    Driver License; or

    (ii)   Passport; or

    (iii)  Adhaar card; or

    (iv)  Voter Identity Card; or

    (v)   PAN Card; and,

  3. Certified True Copy of Child’s mark sheet of the previous class or copy of admission letter in case of professional courses in the name of Child.

 vi.     In the event Bayer does not receive the relevant documents as required within two weeks of establishing contact with the Shortlisted Participant, then the said Shortlisted Participant shall be disqualified and shall not be entitled to receive the scholarship amount for Child.


vii.    The scholarship will be awarded to the Shortlisted Participants on cross verification of the details provided at the time of enrollment via SMS with the copies of documents (as mentioned in Clause v above). In case of discrepancy in the documents of any Shortlisted Participant, he/ she shall not be eligible for the scholarship and next eligible Participant will be shortlisted for the Programme randomly.


viii.   First instalment of scholarship amount may be released by Bayer on or before                     31st December, 2017.  If Child drops out of the school/college/Institute during his/her education / course, scholarship will be stopped for the next eligible years.  From time to time Bayer will request for documents from the Shortlisted Participants which will establish that the Child has continued the education / course during the disbursement of scholarship amount.


ix.     The scholarship amount shall be paid by Account payee cheque to the Shortlisted Participant.  Bayer shall not be liable for any loss or damage of the cheque once it has been handed over to the Shortlisted Participant. It will be the responsibility of the Shortlisted Participant to have the active bank account in his/ her name for realizing the cheque for the scholarship amount.


IV.    Terms and Condition of the Programme


  1. Participation in the Programme implies full understanding of all the modalities and acceptance of all the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
  2. Child shall include own, adopted, step child of the Participant.  Further grand child is also included in the definition of Child, provided parents of grandchild are not alive. 
  3. Professional Courses shall mean and include engineering, medical, management, CA, CS, ICWA, ICFAI, Agricultural and such other courses as decided by Bayer from time to time.
  4. Participants should share the label number of Arize® pack bought by him / her.  In case of any dispute pertaining to the label number, original copy of invoice will be required by Bayer for verification and decide ownership of the relevant Arize® pack.
  5. Participants enrolling in this Programme authorize Bayer to send voice messages and SMS alerts/messages to their mobile/landline numbers. Subscribers who have opted for DND (Do Not Disturb) facility with their respective service providers may not receive the aforesaid messages / alerts.
  6. The names and images including the videos, if any of the Participants and their respective Child who have been awarded the scholarship may be published on www.cropscience.bayer.in. The images and videos provided by the Participants and their respective Child can be used and published by Bayer anywhere for promotions in any media within and outside India directly or indirectly. Participants and Child will not make any monetary or other claims against Bayer for using Image or Video as mentioned above for whatsoever reason. 
  7. Bayer would not be liable or held responsible for any lack or lapse in any communication on account of failure or delay by any of the Internet, Telecom, SMS and E-mails service provider. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained.
  8. Employees and Immediate Family Members of the employees of Bayer, Impact Communications Pvt. Ltd., Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are not eligible to participate in the Programme.  Immediate Family Members shall include father, mother, spouse, children, grandchildren, son-in-law and daughter-in-law.
  9. Changes or continuation of the Programme shall be at the sole discretion of Bayer and it may review the same at any time as it may deem fit without advance notice and without any recourse to any Participants.
  10. Bayer reserves the right to feature any number of the Shortlisted Participants of the Programme on television, print and other media touch points as a part of its media campaign for the Programme.
  11. Bayer reserves the right to reject any entry or disqualify any Participant(s) from participating in the Programme without assigning any reason thereof. The decision of Bayer in this regards and the declaration of scholarship shall be final and binding upon the Participant(s) without any demur or objection.  No further correspondence or dispute shall be entertained in this regard.
  12. By participating in the Programme,  Participants agree to provide to Bayer, their and Child’s name, contact details, education details (“Data”) for the purpose of enrollment to the Programme and authorize Bayer to collect, store, use, process and transfer the Data – (i) in relation to any activities, initiatives and implementation of future events (ii) for contacting /communicating for various events and meetings organized and (iii) to provide access of the Data to Bayer group companies and its associates/partners/service providers for  the above mentioned purposes. 
  13. Participants may, at any time, amend the Data or withdraw their consent given above by contacting Bayer CropScience Limited at Bayer House, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Estate, Thane (West)- 400 607.  E-Mail:dpo_india@bayer.com; Telephone Number: 022-25311234.
  14. The terms and conditions of the Programme are governed by the laws of the Republic of India and disputes, if any, will be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Mumbai courts.
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