Striving to ensure genuine product supplies to farmers

Bayer has a direct role to play in impacting the lively hood and wellbeing of millions of farmers across the country. We have been committed to the collective progress of agriculture industry since multiple decades now. Bayer understands that farmers want only the best products for their farms and when they invest their hard-earned money for these products , farmers expect their money’s true worth in return.

Unfortunately, the high cost of agrochemical manufacturing has resulted in chemical compounds becoming a valuable commodity and therefore a prime target for counterfeiters. Products with counterfeit labels and packaging are of great concern from both, agriculture, and public health perspectives. A discrepancy between a container’s label and its contents may not only be potentially dangerous for the users but can also pose a significant economic damage for all stakeholders and the agriculture segment at large. 

Counterfeiting has been an unnerving challenge for most of the industries and it has been increasing with an alarming speed. Bayer fully anticipates the risks attached to this and has been  taking many proactive measures to control this menace to ensure genuine product supplies to the farmers and our customers. As per the industry estimates, counterfeit and illegal Crop protection products are causing value loss of around 8.5 bn € p.a. to the entire CP Industry globally, which is about 12-14% of the total CP market worldwide.

Counterfeit products which are intended to be sold as genuine branded products by the counterfeiters are difficult to distinguished from the originals and as a result many a time are unintentionally & unknowingly purchased by the farmers. The content of these products, be it crop protection or seeds, is always unknown. Biological efficacy and performance of counterfeited products is always unpredictable & under suspicion.

Bayer has always adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeiting & illegal trade activities and has been doing everything possible to efficiently combat production, trade and use of counterfeit and illegal crop protection products and seeds.

To further intensify our battle against the counterfeiters & to safeguard the interest of millions of our farmers, Bayer has launched a new product authentication tool for India. We believe that this should certainly empower our farmers and should support them in verifying & buying genuine Bayer products for their farms

Farmers will simply need to download the FarmRise app on their phone from Google Play store and scan the QR code printed on Bayer bottles, through this app to authenticate Bayer products.

Combining technology with all other means to fight the battle of counterfeiting  demonstrates our commitment towards the overall transformational journey, to ensure genuine product supplies to our farmers .

» Link to download FarmRise app

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