Food Chain Partnership: Working together for sustainable agriculture

Thinking about the global food chain means considering all the hands involved, and it means thinking about all the people behind it and the demands they have to meet every day. The Food Chain Partnership expresses our belief that together with our partners in the food value chain we can build relationships that benefit everyone. There are now more than 240 Food Chain Partnerships in over 30 countries covering important fruit, vegetable and other crops
Food Chain Partnership

Benefits for farmers
Bayer provides farmers with innovative crop protection products, seeds, and services, as well as advice on the optimal use of products and application technologies. Bayer experts often complement their expertise by teaming up with local partners. Farmers benefit through better market access, more secure income, higher yields, and cost-effective, sustainable use of agrochemicals.

Benefits for processors
Food Chain Partnership provides traceability and transparency – making ongoing quality improvements possible. Processors know where their crops come from, can identify weak spots, and systematically enhance production processes. Here, experts from Bayer are at hand to provide advice and support. Processors benefit from the consistently high quality of crops, which minimizes losses during processing and storage, and maximizes their return on investment.

Benefits for exporters/importers Exporters and importers have to consider not only the local quality standards of the producer country, but also those of the export market. The crucial factor here is compliance with maximum residue limits (MRLs) and additional quality requirements. In the context of a Food Chain Partnership, Bayer applies its country-specific expertise on MRLs and import tolerances to help ensure these legally binding standards are met. High-quality crops minimize the risk of default for traders.

Benefits for retailers
As consumers become increasingly food-conscious, retailers face the challenge of maintaining and boosting consumer confidence in the produce they sell. Food Chain Partnership brings retailers significant benefits. Controlled and consistently high quality enables retailers to build up consumer confidence in their produce. A constant supply of produce ensures daily availability. Efficient production methods and fewer losses mean competitive prices. All this adds up to greater customer confidence and better profits for all value chain partners.

Benefits for consumers
In 2050, there will be more than nine billion mouths to feed worldwide. Now and in the future, consumers want good food at reasonable prices – if possible all year round. In addition, consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental, social, and economic topics, and are willing to act on these concerns. So the Food Chain Partnership message is simple: consumers can be sure the food they are buying has been produced in a sustainable manner. All partners along the value chain have done their best to safeguard the well-being of future generations

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