Bayer Solutions: Right Product, Right Advice

Bayer Solutions is an initiative by Bayer that provides farmers with a complete solution from ‘Seed to Harvest’ as well as offers them the ‘Right Product along with the Right Advice’ at the closest retail shop. This new interface ensures that farmers can benefit from Bayer’s expertise in the field of providing crop solutions at over 200 Bayer Solutions stores across the country. Farmers can approach the agro advisors at the Bayer Solution stores to get technical advice on crop management and related issues.
Bayer Solutions store image

To enhance the prosperity of farmers by increasing yields and to protect the environment, crop sequences and cultivation methods need to be adapted to local conditions. The diligent use of crop protection chemicals not only serves to protect plants. Wisely used herbicides, insecticides and fungicides also protect farmers against crop failure and their potentially severe economic implications. Our aspiration is to be a respected partner to farmers around the world, contributing to healthy crops, reliable harvests and stable returns.

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