Bayer Network

Beyond food and drink, a clean and hygienic environment greatly contributes to our wellness and well-being. What might be a nuisance can also be a serious threat to our health. That is why we at Bayer are committed to help keep our environment beautiful and healthy. It is what our Environmental Science division is all about and pest control professionals rely on our portfolio to keep insects and pests safely and efficiently under control.
Bayer Network

Bayer Network is a group of India's premium Pest Control Professionals. The technicians are trained and certified by Bayer for the safe application of pesticides at your home. Pesticides from Bayer are certified for household applications by Central Insecticide Board.

The Bayer Network program was launched in 2011 to help Pest Management Professionals manage, develop and grow their business. The program currently covers over 50 Pest Management Professionals (PMPs). The PMPs need to fulfill certain criteria to become a member of Bayer Network in India.  

The Bayer Network program is an engagement tool conceptualized for supporting Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) in their endeavour to increase turnover and improve profitability by leveraging on the equity of Bayer. Under this program, Bayer empowers the PMPs with all the required tools and supports them in improving their staff talent, motivation, acquire new accounts, improve profitability and generate greater customer loyalty.

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