Bayer GrowPro

Rice is one of the world’s most important cereals: around three billion people eat the white grain on a daily basis. Especially for the fast growing population in Asia, rice is a key dietary element. Small rice farmers play a key role in the production process of this important staple crop. But they mostly cultivate their small fields with ­traditional methods that are often very labor-intensive and only bring low profits.
Bayer GrowPro

Bayer is a market leader in rice and offers a complete solution for farmers growing rice. With the shortage of labour for transplanting rice, there is an increasing need for mechanical transplanting for farmers to manage their rice cultivation.

We at Bayer, offer farmers customized 'Bayer Healthy Seedlings' which can be mechanically transplanted in the field as well as post transplanting advisory under the ‘Bayer GrowPro’ initiative. By enrolling for the Bayer GrowPro Program, farmers can opt for their choice of rice seed, which is then grown professionally using mechanical transplanters. This is followed up by periodic on-farm visits for guidance on crop protection, thus ensuring a golden harvest.

The project was initiated in 2011 in partnership with Kubota Agricultural Machinery India. The aim of this initiative is to help farmers achieve an incremental return on investments while solving their labour problems, get better pest management solutions and overall advisory.

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