WASH Project

WASH (Water, Agriculture, Sanitation and Health) program is aimed at improving public health through sanitation and conservation of pure natural resources. These include conducting activities like village awareness programs on health and sanitation.
Social Commitment - WASH

Preventive healthcare can be improved in the target villages if cleanliness is enhanced and natural resources are protected from pollutants. The methodology mainly involves intense training of the rural communities in order to change mind‐set and habits.

The objective of WASH is to reach out and sensitize farmers. The project has been envisaged to bring better understanding in farmers about appropriate utilization of existing resources for better results. A systematic engagement methodology is adopted in order to achieve the appropriate results. In the first phase, water was taken up as an important resource to focus on. As a part of this program, water bore wells have been repaired across villages. This would help agricultural purposes significantly. Similarly, new roads have been constructed in 5 villages to facilitate transportation. Towards hygiene aspect, over 500 unused toilets (already existing as a part of Government‐led programs) have been brought into use with intensive instruction. The project also facilitated sanctioning of over 3,000 new toilets from the Government department to the project area.

Bayer's corporate social responsibility has traditionally involved assistance for those in need and efforts to improve social conditions in all the countries in which the company is active. This is an ongoing project and in line with Bayer's commitment to improve lives.

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