Agricultural Education

The Agricultural Education Program aims at raising awareness for food and farming all over the globe. It encourages young people to think more deeply about sustainable agriculture, food supply and the role of science in this context.

Agricultural Education -Youth AG-Summit

Bayer helps young people interested in agriculture connect and engage through building networks, offering first hand-experiences at the company’s, labs and farms and providing scholarships for the most talented young minds. Become an ambassador for agriculture, join the debate, create visions and address issues that really matter: how to feed the world.

Youth Ag-Summit

  • Platform for change
  • Aged 18-25
  • Summit in Australia


Meet 100 international young thought leaders in Australia. Share perspectives and create an open dialogue on how to feed a hungry planet. Bring your passion for agriculture and creative ideas.

India sent two delegates for the Youth Ag-Summit that took place from August 24-27, 2015 in Australia: Rohit Fenn from Kottayam, Kerala and Raja Kumar Bollem from Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Their essays and submissions were selected by a panel of judges, who scored candidates on their demonstrated passion for agriculture, environmental stewardship and suggested solutions for global challenges. 

The Summit provides a platform for young leaders to discuss challenges and develop solutions – small and large scale. This is reflected in the outcomes of the event. Personal commitments are expressed in the development of the “3 little things”. These are individual challenges on food and agricultural issues which delegates want to address back home in their local communities.


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