Operators’ Safety

Pesticides are hazardous and must be handled responsibly and with care. It is important for the safety of everyone concerned, as well as being a legal requirement, that the people who apply them are properly trained and competent.

Protect Skin – Wear Gloves
Tips for (before and after) applying crop protection products

  1. Hands are the most exposed part (>95%) of your body during the preparation of the spray mixture. Protect them.
  2. Never handle the undiluted product without gloves. Wear chemical resistant gloves when handling and crop protection product as they protect against skin exposure.
  3. Not all gloves are suitable for handling undiluted crop protection products. Never wear cotton or leather gloves! They absorb the product and you may be even more exposed each time you wear the gloves.
  4. Never use damaged gloves! Always check them before use. Change gloves, if they are damaged.
  5. Tuck gloves outside shirt sleeves for handling undiluted products. Measure the product carefully.
  6. Use gloves when triple rinsing the container and graduated breaker
  7. Use gloves during the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment
  8. Wash gloves everytime thy get contaminated with the undiluted product. Wash gloves before removing them. Washing prolongs the life of the glove.
  9. Remove the gloves properly as they can be highly contaminated
  10. Dispose your gloves ins a safe way if they are contaminated or if you are not sure of their protective properties. If you have doubts, use a new pair.

Tips for the Maintenance of Sprayer

  1. Check hose for wear and tear
  2. Check hose for clips and replace broken clips
  3. Check on/off switch for smooth operation
  4. Check and replace all damaged seals
  5. Lubricate piston seal with light oil
  6. Replace damaged nozzle
  7. Replace damaged valves
  8. Check and replace all damaged seals
  9. Wash sprayer after use

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