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We don’t just supply products and leave farmers to it – that’s not our way. Instead, we offer training, to answer their concerns about safety, efficiency and sustainability. Naturally, they have pressing issues to think about. What’s a safe application for their crops? What kind of protective clothing should they wear? How should they store and dispose of their products? We’re there to help with all these questions and more.

Product Stewardship is the responsible and ethical management of a product throughout its life-cycle, from its invention, through to its ultimate use and beyond. Product Stewardship has the following main objectives: to ensure best practices and maximize the benefits from product use, to provide beneficial, quality products that gain consumer and stakeholder confidence and to minimize potential risks to human health and the environment.

Bayer has adopted a life-cycle approach that addresses all major aspects of responsible product management. This includes research, development, registration, plant breeding, production, packaging, labeling, marketing, branding, sales, distribution, handling, application, storage and transport including empty product containers and product/waste disposal. Bayer’s Product Stewardship activities include extensive investment in safety testing of its products, the development of improved packaging solutions and crop production techniques, the development of new technologies for improved seed varieties and the provision of support services to promote responsible product use.

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