Pest Management

In addition to causing damage to the food and fibre crops in the field, pests also pose a challenge to human health, property and general well-being. The products offered by the Environmental Science division of Bayer CropScience fall into two main categories - Professional Pest Management for household / structural pests and Vector Management for pests that pose a threat to public health.
Professional Pest Management

What to control

The Professional Pest Management portfolio present a diverse range of solutions for: general insect control, termiticides, rodenticides, stored grain pests, etc. The Vector Management portfolio provides solutions for pests like Anopheles, Aedes, and Culex mosquitoes.

You can learn more about the various pests, their behaviour, risk of diseases and recommended products for their control by clicking visiting the Environmental Science website. 

  • Mosquitoes
    • Anopheles
    • Culex
    • Aedes
  • Cockroaches
    • German Cockroach (Blattella Germanica)
    • American Cockroach (Periplaneta Americana)
    • Brown Banded Cockroach (Supella Longipalpa)
    • Oriental Cockroach (Blatta Orientalis)
  • Bed Bugs (Cimex Hemipterus, Cimex Lectularis)
  • Termites
  • House Flies (Musca Domestica)
  • Stored Grain Pests
  • Rodents
    • House Mouse (Mus Musculus)
    • Roof Rat 


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