Other names: Gehoon , Kanak.

Wheat is an important part of the cereal diet in India. India is 2nd largest producer of wheat after China. The planted area of wheat in the country is around 30 Mio Ha. However, the production needs to meet ever growing population demand and this is an important driver for the government to support growth in its productivity & planting.

Wheat is one of the most important staples in the world, offering high content of protein and fiber, and consisting mainly of carbohydrates in the form of starch. It also contains more minerals and trace elements vital for a healthy diet, such as phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, zinc and manganese than any other staple food. Our work at Bayer is vital in helping farmers maximize yields whilst reaping sustainable benefits.

Problems faced by farmers

The wheat crop is threatened by many kinds of weeds which include both grasses and broad-leaf weeds. A major loss is caused by the infestation of Phalaris minor and Avena spp. The crop suffers heavy yield loss, if these are not controlled on time. There is an increasing resistance to Phalaris in most of the potential geographies, and hence it requires multiple applications of herbicides. Yellow rust is picking up in few pockets due to breakdown of resistance in new varieties. Bunts and Smut are also a cause of concern for farmers. Aphids have sporadic infestation, especially in the northern part of the country.

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(From left to right)Symptoms of phalaris, symptoms of wheat rust

Solutions we offer

Our crop protection solutions have helped put Bayer at the forefront in the midst of competition. We help farmers with Raxil® and Raxil® Easy, our seed treatment solution to control fungal infection on wheat.  The active substance coating protects growing plants right from the start against fungal infection. Further, Atlantis® helps in controlling grassy weeds like Phalaris and Avena as well as many other broad-leaf weeds. Nativo® provides excellent control of fungal pathogens & helps in improving crop health.

We are also in process of developing new herbicides which will help the farming community fight against the various challenges associated with the cultivation of wheat.

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