Other Names : Soye , Soya

India has the fourth largest acreage of soybeans in the world but our production is almost half of the world’s average. Soybean is the most resilient crop grown during monsoon and it has been providing subsistence to small and marginal farmers under erratic monsoon conditions. During the last four decades, soybean cultivation has significantly improved the socio-economic status of the small and marginal farmers in central India.
Additionally, consumption of edible oil in India is growing faster than its production. India is largest importer of edible oils in the world and the domestic availability is just 50% of its production. Soybean is one of the important crops which can fulfil this increasing demand for the vegetable oils in the country. We, at Bayer, are developing crop solutions which will help in increasing the yields.

Problems faced by farmers

The biggest challenge faced by Soybean farmers is the control of weeds in the crop which can cause significant yield loss. The undesirable competition includes broad leaf weeds and grasses. Farmers need to apply different herbicides for the control of these weeds. Insects such as girdle beetle, semi-loopers, heliothis spp. and spodoptera are also a matter of concern for the farmers which impact the yields adversely.

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(From left to right) Symptoms of antrancnose, infestation of girdle beetle, symptoms of pod blight, infestation of semi looper

Solutions we offer

We, at Bayer, provide fast and reliable solutions for farmers of soybean. A good start for soybean requires the protection of Gaucho®, which protects the seedlings against the initial attack of insects and gives a good crop stand. Weeds directly compete with the crop growth and needs to be controlled well on time. Solutions like WhipSuper® and Adue® help control the broad-leaf weeds as well as the grasses. Girdle beetle poses a big menace in the early part of the crop which can totally damage the crop. Solutions like Alanto® help in controlling the insects and offer a relief to the farmers. In case of a mixed infestation with semi looper, Solomon® our new insecticide provides an excellent broad spectrum of control. Fungal diseases significantly affect the yields for which Folicur® is the remedy.
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