Key pulses / Other names: Chick Peas Brown (Channa), Pigeon pea / Red gram (Arhar / Rahar / Tur / Tuar), Green gram / Mung bean (Moong Dal), Black gram / Black lentil (Urad Daal / Kaali Daal)

India is the world's largest producer, accounting for about 25% of the global share, and is also the largest consumer of pulses. About 90% of the global pigeonpea, 75% of chickpea and 37% of lentil area falls in India. Pulses continue to be an important component of the rain fed agriculture. About a dozen of pulse crops are cultivated in 23.0 Millon Hectare area under varied agro ecological conditions.

There is demand supply gap of around 3-4 million MT which is caused by the poor spread of improved varieties and technologies, abrupt climatic changes, complex disease pest syndromes, emergence of new biotypes and races of key pests and pathogens, and declining total factor productivity.

Problems faced by farmers

While demand for pulses continues to rise, domestic supply is perennially falling short. The real problems with pulses are the low productivity of existing strains, a virtual absence of technological progress and the inability of modern science to address the problem of high vulnerability of pulses to pests and diseases.

Most of the pulses in India are grown in low fertility, problematic soils and unpredictable environmental conditions. More than 87% of the area under pulses is rainfed. Drought and heat stress may reduce seed yields by 50%, especially in arid and semi-arid regions. Another major problem is salinity and alkalinity of soils which is high both in semi-arid tropics and in the Indo-Gangetic plains

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(From left to right) Symptoms of maruca, symptoms of pod borer

Solutions we offer

Bayer offers innovative products that provide effective solutions from seed to harvest for the pulse growers. We focus on new technology chemical mechanisms of action. Fame® is one such example. This insecticide can be used to control two major pests – Heliothis and Maruca. The best product for the control of Spodopetra in Pulses is Larvin®. For broad spectrum disease control, we are developing a very innovative fungicide and institutional trails are on for getting a label expansion. We are also developing latest technology seed treatment products for better germination and pest control.

We, at Bayer, offer farmers great value with a combination of our crop protection and services. Whatever disease and insect challenges you face, you get in touch with use for expert technical advice on the best ways to tackle them.

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