Seeds & Traits: The race is on to unlock nature’s secrets

More and more people, less and less land. How are we all going to eat in the years to come? Faced with that kind of pressure, our Seeds specialists are racing against the clock to unlock the secrets behind nature’s healthiest plants. Our Seeds specialists pull together knowledge from global networks of colleagues and partners. Our network of breeding stations, strong in Europe and North America, is set to grow into Asia and Australia.

The Seeds division in India focuses on agricultural crops, in particular – rice, corn, cotton, oilseeds (mustard), millet and vegetables.

Providing farmers the latest traits and technologies to help them be more profitable on every acre is something, as a company, Bayer prides itself on. It’s more than just helping farmers find the latest advancements in seed – it’s helping farmers find the latest seeds and technologies, while using fewer inputs. By purchasing seed that includes the following traits and technologies, farmers can be assured they are purchasing high-performing seed that has the potential to help them be more successful on every acre of land.

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