Solfac® EW 050

Active Ingredient: Cyfluthrin 5% EW
Solfac EW

Solfac EW 50 is ideally suited for the control of cockroaches, house flies and mosquitoes in houses. It can also be used for the bed net impregnation for the control of mosquitoes to prevent malaria.


It is contact insecticide that affects sodium (Na+) balance inside the nerve cell.


  • Mixes easily and has little or no smell, suitable particularly where sanitation issues are critical
  • Can be safely stored and transported
  • Lack of odour, negligible irritancy and virtually invisible spray residues on the treated surfaces
  • Ideal product for management of malaria vectors (e.g. Anopheles mosquito)
  • Active ingredient has a good sticking property and hence adheres on the treated surfaces for a longer time
  • Comparatively low odour, liquid concentrates with very low irritancy
  • Certified with BIS ISI mark


For residual spraying in houses:
Mix 80 ml of Solfac EW in 10 L of water and spray evenly on the surface at a rate of 50 ml of spray solution per square meter. Ensure good coverage of hideouts like cracks, crevices and corners.

For bed net impregnation:
Calculate the bed net area and dilute 1 ml of formulation per sq. mt. of the calculated bed net area. For instance, if the bed net area is 10 sq. mt. then dilute 10 ml of Solfac EW OR if the bed net area is 20 sq. mt. then dilute 20 ml of Solfac EW in the required quantity of water. Dip the bed net in the diluted solution and later dry the net in shade.

Pack sizes available : 100 ml and 1 L


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