Active Ingredient: Diflubenzuron 25% WP

Bi-Larv is a product with a different mode of action and is recommended for the control of mosquito larvae in clean non-potable and polluted waters and for house fly maggots in poultry manure, garbage, filth and dumping areas.


Diflubenzuron is an insect growth regulator which interferes with formation of chitin during the moulting process of the insect larvae.


  • Effective against all the three types of mosquito larvae i.e. Aedes, Anopheles and Culex
  • Also effective against housefly maggots
  • Target specific – comparatively safe for non-target organisms
  • Stable in polluted water and at high temperature
  • WHOPES evaluated


A. For Mosquitoes :
Bi-Larv should be first mixed with water at the rate of 10g per 10L for clear surface water and 20g per 10L for polluted surface water. For larger areas, the dosage is as below.

Habitat Dose rate per Hectare
Clear surface water 100 - 200g
Polluted surface water 200 - 400g
Sewage pits, soak pits, latrines, septic tanks 4g product per 1000L of water

B. For Fly maggots :
Add 5g of Bi-Larv in 5L water and spray uniformly to cover 10 sq. mt. area at an interval of 6-14 days.

Pack sizes available : 500 g


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