Barcelo® TB

Active Ingredient: Diflubenzuron 2% TB
Barcelo TB

Barcelo Tablets are used for control of mosquito larvae of Aedes aegypti, Anopheles stephensi and Culex quinquefasciatus in unused coolers


Diflubenzuron is an insect growth regulator which interferes with formation of chitin during the moulting process of the insect larvae


  • Easy and ready to use
  • Effervescent tablet which gets mixed in water
  • Effective against all the three types of mosquito larvae i.e. Aedes, Anopheles and Culex
  • Target specific – comparatively safe for non-target organisms
  • Barcelo Tablets are convenient for spot application of breeding sites
  • WHOPES evaluated


Habitat a.i. (ppm) Formulation
Unused Coolers 0.5 – 1.0 ½ to 1 Tablet in 40 lit water

The Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) determined by FAO/WHO is 0.02 mg/ kg of body weight. » more

Packs sizes available : 5 g

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