Agenda® 25 EC

Active Ingredient: Fipronil 2.92% EC

Agenda is used for the control of termites in buildings through pre & post construction treatments.


Fipronil disrupts normal nerve influx transmission (e.g. passage of chloride ions) by targeting the GABA-gated chloride channel, causes excessive neural excitation, severe paralysis, and insect death. It is also considered a selective GABA antagonist because it shows a greater binding affinity to insect than to mammal GABA receptors.


  • Non-repellent termiticide, hence termites cannot recognize the gaps present in the chemical barrier
  • Gets readily transferred between one termite and another, through contact, trophyllaxis and grooming
  • Good soil binding properties facilitate the retention of active ingredient, minimal leaching potential into ground water
  • Long term protection and colony management


Dilute 100 ml of formulation in 1 L of water for the control of termites in buildings during pre and post construction anti termite treatment.
Note: Treatment has to be carried out as per current BIS practices.

Pack sizes available : 100 ml, 500 ml


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