Raxil® Easy

Tebuconazole 60 FS
Raxil Easy

Tebuconazole 5.36 % w/w FS is a systemic fungicide used as seed treatment for the control of loose smut disease of wheat.


Tebuconazole acts as a systemic fungicide. Demethylase inhibitors (DMI) – interfere in the process of building the structure of the fungal cell wall. This finally inhibits the reproduction and further growth of the fungus.

Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) Classification No. 3


  • Unique formulation provides a good coverage and sticks well on the seed which leads to excellent efficacy against the disease
  • Effective at very low dose hence cost-effective
  • Raxil Easy, not only prevents the losses but also improves the quality and quantity of yield
  • Combats fungal infection on the seed coat and within the grain, enabling all round protection
  • Ready to use FS formulation fits well for large scale industrial seed treatment


Seeds can be treated with the recommended dose of Raxil Easy after adding the required quantity of water. The total slurry volume should be around 10-12 ml for treatment of 1 kg seed. Roll the seed in a closed container until each seed is uniformly coated with the fungicide.

Crop Common Name of Pest
Wheat Loose Smut

Packs sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 L


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