Imidacloprid 600 FS (48% w/w)

Gaucho is an improved, user-friendly seed treatment formulation containing the systemic insecticide Imidacloprid. The systemic activity and the relatively low rate of application makes it user friendly for seed dressing Gaucho provides protection to the crop against highly damaging sucking pests from day 1 up to 30–40 days, thus eliminating the need of repeated sprays. The reduction of foliar applications makes it IPM (Integrated Pest Management) friendly.


Imidacloprid is antagonist to the nicotinic acetyl choline receptor in the central nervous system. It disturbs the proper signal transmission system leading to excitation of nerve cell. Consequently a disorder of the nervous system occurs leading finally to the death of the treated insect.


  • The targeted application of Gaucho, through seed treatment, reduces the contamination of environment in unprecedented way
  • User friendly seed treatment formulation
  • Since it gives protection to crop from sucking pests for initial 30- 40 days the sprays are not required which helps in augmentation of natural enemies. Thus ideally suited for IPM
  • Gaucho does not get washed away by rain
  • Application results in better crop emergence and vigorous growth
  • Economical due to longer duration of pest control


Any small quantity of seed can be readily treated on the farm by mixing the proper amount of Gaucho FS 600 and seed in a closed mixing drum. Roll the seed until each grain is uniformly coated with the insecticide. Seed treatment on commercial basis can be carried out by specialized seed dressing machines.

Crop Common Name of Pest
Cotton Aphid, Whitefly, Jassid, Thrip
Okra Jassid, Aphid
Sunflower Jassid, Whitefly
Sorghum Shoot Fly
Pearl Millet Termite and Shoot Fly
Soybean Jassids

Packs sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L


Before application :
  • Read the label and leaflet for dose rates and procedure of treatment.
  • Ensure adequate personal protective equipment
  • Seed treatment equipment must be regularly checked and calibrated to ensure accurate and safe application

After application :
  • Treated seed should be dried before bagging
  • Treated seed should be suitable labeled mentioning the dose and date of treatment.
  • Treated seed should be transported in a responsible way, so that the seed is not spilled.
  • Plant Protection Equipment must be cleaned separately.


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