Oxadiargyl 80% WP

topstar is a broad-spectrum herbicide very effective for the control of grasses, sedges and some broad leaf weeds in rice. topstar 80 WP offers very high crop safety in transplanted rice when applied at recommended dose.


Like any other Oxadiazoles, Oxadiargyl inhibits protoposphyrinogen IX oxidase, the enzyme that converts from Protox to Proto, which finally helps in the weed's necrotic action.

Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC) Classification Group E


  • Works at the time of weed emergence as contact herbicide.
  • When uniformly spread, sticks evenly to soil surface.
  • It is selective to rice plant.
  • It firmly binds soil particles within top 2 cm of the soil.
  • No damage to the next crop.
  • No odour which helps in easy usage.
  • Safety to Crop: No phytotoxicity at the recommended dose rates in transplanted rice.


topstar should be applied within 3 to 5 days after transplanting (maximum up to 2 leaf stage of weed).

Crop Weeds
Echinocloa crusagalli,
E. colonum,
Ludwigia quadrifoliata,
Cyperus difformis,
Eclipta alba,
Cyprus iria

Pack sizes: 22.5 g, 35 g, 100 g


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