Alion® Plus

Indaziflam 20 + Glyphosate IPA 540 SC (1.65% w/w + 44.63% w/w)
Alion Plus Tea Herbicide

Long lasting Alion® Plus herbicide provides a new solution for foliar and pre-emergence control of wide range of annual grass and broad leaf weeds, including those resistant to conventional herbicides, all without compromising on crop safety. It helps in overcoming the current weed management practices in tea plantations regarding labour availability, increasing wages and losses due to host for alternate pest.


Indaziflam belongs to the chemical group of the alkyalazines. It is an effective inhibitor of the cellulose biosynthesis (CBI). It inhibits meristem growth and acts as a soil herbicide via inhibition of germination and weed emergence.

Glyphosate is non-selective systemic herbicide belongs to glycine derivative. It inhibits 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase (EPSPS), an enzyme of the aromatic acid biosynthetic pathway. This prevents synthesis of essential aromatic amino acids needed for protein biosynthesis.


    • Delivers pre and post emergence control of grass and broad leaf weeds
    • Long lasting with superior performance, reducing the number of in-season sprays
    • Brings a new and unique chemistry to provide an alternative mode of action for herbicide
    • Excellent crop safety | Peace of mind
    • Higher returns on investment


  • Apply a uniform spray on weeds of 2 to 4 leaf stage
  • Ensure good moisture condition in soil during application
  • Avoid direct spray on tea foliage, green barks and roots
  • To be used only in matured tea plantations that are more than 5 years old
  • Use knapsack sprayer fitted with a recommended flood jet nozzle

Crop Weeds

Ageratum sp.

Borreria sp.

Eleusine inidica

 Caution:  1) Not to be used near aquaculture.

                 2) Care should be taken to prevent run-off of water from the treated field.

Pack sizes: 5 L, 10 L


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