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Annual Report India
Annual Report - India
Click here to view the Annual Reports for Bayer CropScience Ltd., India. »more
Annual Reports Global
Annual Reports – Global
In addition to balance sheets and statements of income, the Annual Report contains a vast amount of information about the commercial development of our company. »more
Pub Farmings Future
Farming's Future – The Company Magazine for the Crop Science Division of Bayer
The new magazine Farming's Future presents solutions for a better life through sustainable agriculture in a new and innovative format: its contents will be available online and on Bayer's social media channels and also as a free app. »more
Pub Facts Figures
Facts & Figures
The leaflet offers key information about the Crop Science Division of Bayer, e.g. business figures, business groups and units, R&D sites, production sites and people, in a slim »more
research is a lavishly designed magazine containing easy-to-read scientific articles concerned with Bayer research. »more
Bayer Magazine
Bayer magazine
Updates for our interactive Bayer magazine are issued on a regular basis and you’ll be informed as soon as they’re available. They feature interesting and informative items from the world of Bayer. »more
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