Seeds: Strong seeds for healthy plants

In their natural environment, those plant thrive which are best adapted to their local soil and climate conditions. That is why, in agriculture, the judicious selection of seeds and varieties is essential to assure a rich harvest.

In our research centers around the world, we have perfected the art of breeding high quality plants using state-of-the-art techniques. Our objectives are always the same, whether we work with rice, vegetables or cotton: We seek to protect plants against diseases, pests and competing weeds, enhance their vitality and thus improve yields both in terms of quality and quantity. Sophisticated seeds promise increased yields wherever inferior soil, lack of water and severe climate adds to the challenges faced by the farming profession.

Our activities in India are focused on vegetable seeds and seeds for agricultural crops, in particular – rice, cotton, oilseeds (mustard) and millet. Our Seeds business uses plant biotechnology and modern plant breeding to develop high-performance seeds and enhance specific plant properties, increasing resistance to certain threats, improving quality and increasing yields.

Together with Crop Protection we provide tailored solutions for farmers that enable high yielding, sustainable production of high quality food, feed, fiber and renewable resources against stressed climates and resource availability especially arable land, fertilizers and water.


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