Crop Protection: Diverse challenges require sophisticated approaches

No fence can keep out field bindweed, aphids or fungal spores. As consumers, we want our produce to be healthy. For a farmer, weeds, pests and plant diseases are serious threats. Without the help of crop protection, yields worldwide would decrease by 40 percent.

“As little as possible, but as much as necessary” is the central dictum of modern plant protection in our quest to protect the environment and safeguard resources for coming generations. Modern insecticides differentiate between pests and beneficial insects, just as herbicides target weeds without compromising yields. Invisible spores floating in the air are particularly malicious, triggering a broad family of fungal diseases. Fungicides serve to protect plants against these microscopic aggressors.

In addition to sophisticated compounds, biological defense mechanisms broaden the farmer’s options. Here as elsewhere, simple solutions don’t solve complex problems. It takes carefully selected seeds, locally adapted crop rotation and the judicious use of plant protection options to protect the environment, support the farmer and meet the consumers’ demand for healthy food produced in a sustainable way.

Our Crop Protection activities are focused on four fields: Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and SeedGrowth.



Crop Protection Insecticides
Insects have an important role to play in our ecosystem. But they are also one of the most critical threats to our crops in fields and plantations. Our insecticide research seeks to do justice to both.


Crop Protection Fungicides
Mildew, rust or rot come as invisible enemies. But these miniscule aggressors leave a trail of destruction and disease, in the field, during transport, in storage, and on the shelf. Our fungicides help to protect plants and harvests. The result: healthy plants, better quality fruits and vegetables.


Crop Protection Herbicides
Combating weeds while protecting crops is a key requirement of modern agriculture – and one of our key competencies.


Crop Protection Seed Treatment
Seed treatment solutions act as invisible shields, safeguarding seeds and seedlings against fungal disease. The advantages are: optimized placement of the active ingredient, minimized amounts needed, extended efficacy. Along with the protective effect, our products help tiny seeds grow into strong, healthy and tough plants. The results of our research are highly effective solutions – and out in the fields, our local experts support farmers with know-how, guidance and the technology.


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